I didn’t write blogs, so this is my first time to build a blog (or something alike).

Building this blog is itself an interesting thing and was somewhat frustrating but now encouraging.

The very first thing is to decide where to host the blog, since I hosted my own code at Github, and it provides Github Page for docs hosting as well, which is Jekyll powered, it seems a reasonable choice, and most importantly, I love its domain: github.io ;-)

Using Jekyll, you can blog with Github Page, which is very cool but, I don’t want to install Jekyll, what I prefer is a clean Github-page repo with Jekyll enabled. First I found JekyllBootstrap, but it also requires installing, then I found gh-pages-blog, which is what you see now.

Still one thing – comments section – is missing, which I think is good for a technical blog. Github Page deosn’t provide such service, it’s completely static-content. Yet, there’s Disqus, a comment system, which is widely used on the Github-page hosted blogs, but I don’t want to use it :p

Remember the issues page we have in Github? I think it’s something we can exploit, but I’m not a web guru, it may not be easy for me to do this. Fortunately, someone has exaclty the same idea, and he realized the idea, that’s it! See Ivan’s blog post on how to do this if you’re interested.

So, that’s the story how this blog was built, probably the only blog entry about web technology. From now on, I’d like to share some C++ ideas with you.

Stay tuned!

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This blog is for something interesting in c++, mostly meta-programming tricks and some experiments with cutting-edge features in the new standard.



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